How You Can Travel with Your Pets

Many people travel each year and go home for the holidays. If you have pets, you have a decision to make: do you put Fido or Felix in a kennel or find someone to watch him?

The alternative is to travel with your pets. This can be tricky because some pets travel better than others. But, it may be worth it if you do not have anyone to watch your pet. and avoid costly kennels.

Air Travel

If you plan to travel by air, take your pet to the veterinarian. Some airlines will ask to see a certificate that verifies your pet is healthy. The airline may ask for proof of rabies and distemper vaccinations.

You may want to ask your veterinarian if your pet needs tranquilizers. Some veterinarians will suggest giving your pet Benadryl or nothing at all. If you choose to give your pet a tranquilizer, give them one a few days before you leave. This way you will be able to see how your pet reacts to the medicine.

Make sure you have an airline regulated pet carrier. The size of the carrier will vary from airline to airline. Find a PetSmart Store near you and purchase a carrier that is acceptable by the airlines.

You may want to feed your pet an hour before your flight. Make sure your pet goes to the bathroom before you leave. You do not want any accidents while you’re in the air!

Consider bringing some food and or small animal water feeder with you. Your pet may or may not be hungry or thirsty on your flight, but it’s best to be prepared. Many pets are too nervous to eat or drink and most will sleep for the duration of the flight.

Car or RV Travel

For those who travel via a car or RV, make sure your pet is in it’s carrier and buckled in just like you! After all, you do not want your pet to be “rolling around” as you drive, especially on a winding road.

Every 90 minutes or so, stop at a rest stop to feed your pet. It’s good for you and your pet to stretch your legs and go to the bathroom. If you’re traveling with a cat, make sure you have enough litter for your trip. Carry bags with you so you can put the litter or “doggie doo” in it. Remember to clean up after your pet.

If you plan to stay at a hotel or hotel and resort, make sure they accepts pets! You do not want to show up at your hotel and find out that Fido is not welcomed. Before you book your hotel, ask if they accept pets.

If you must travel with a pet, make sure they will be comfortable. Of course, the best option is to leave them at home. If you cannot do this, take every precaution to ensure that both of you will have a smooth and seamless travel experience.

Traveling with pets does not have to be difficult. It’s kind of like traveling with kids! You still need to bring food, water, treats, and their favorite toys. Happy traveling to you and your pets!