Santa Got Scrooged in Old Town Scottsdale

Anyone who visits Phoenix, AZ will want to check out Old Town Scottsdale which is in, of course, Scottsdale, AZ. Old Town has many specialty shops, restaurants, museums, and art galleries. It has year round street festivals such as the annual Parada del Sol. Check out Old Town Scottsdale to what you can unearth on your next trip to Arizona.

A Night in Old Town

Saddle Ranch Chop House in Old Town Scottsdale opened in January 2008. They like to celebrate the holidays at Saddle Ranch. People are known to gather together for events such as Santarchy (not anti-Santa; just good fun). Everyone dresses in various Santa or holiday costumes (Harry Hanukkah) and make their way to Saddle Ranch, which is the first stop of the night. After they’ve finished at Saddle Ranch, it’s time to move onto the next bar/club.

Saddle Ranch is known for it’s infamous mechanical bull. It has been featured on shows such as Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, American Idol, Six Feet Under, and many more. The first Saddle Ranch opened on the Sunset Strip and has become well known nationwide. You do not have to travel to L.A. to enjoy Saddle Ranch because there may be one opening near you!

Kyoto Japanese Restaurant is known for it’s Saki Bombers! The sushi is five star and the atmosphere is laid back. It’s best to make reservations on the weekends. Kyoto is great for young and old, families, singles, dates, and anyone who likes to have a great time without the pressure.

Giligan’s is a dive bar in Old Town. If you like trendy bars, you may want to forgo Giligan’s. However, if you like to have fun and want a unique bar experience, check out Giligan’s. The foods not bad either and it’s served late! The walls and ceilings are covered. Seriously, it looks like a couple of magazines, albums, and other stuff was blown up and landed on walls and ceilings! Again, this is not a typical trendy Scottsdale bar. This is the place where you go to have some real fun and let loose!

Martini Ranch is overrated. They claim to have “catapulted local acts into national names, from Coldplay to Avril Lavigne, Martini Ranch set the stage for local musicians to be discovered.” Really, Martini Ranch was responsible for the success Cold Play is experiencing. Talent and marketability had something to do with Cold Play’s success.

The staff at Martini Ranch is not the greatest. Trying to get into Martini Ranch is a big ordeal, even for a bunch of Santas. So much for the holiday spirit and spreading good cheer!

For a split second you may ask yourself “am I in Arizona or L.A., Manhattan, or London?” The guys at the door must think they are in L.A. They’ll take your id, check it for a few minutes, and then hold onto it for some reason. You get it back when they decide to let you into the bar. This is a great way to lose business. Then again perhaps the Martini Ranch has not been effected by the economic situation of the United States of America. Good for them, business is booming and no one is losing their job.

By the way, the bartenders are rude and will not serve water to those who ask for it. People are overcharged for “foo-foo” drinks and then cannot get a simple glass of water. This is ironic since the state of Arizona is hard core when it comes to DUIs and drunk driving in general.

If you still would like to check out Martini Ranch, visit their website and then decide it you will check it out.

These are just some of the establishments you will find in Old Town Scottsdale. During the day, enjoy the galleries and shop until you drop. When night falls, head out into town and discover what Old Town Scottsdale has to offer you.