Do God and Angels Exist?

Today, we live in a world filled with many religions. Many people believe their religion is the best, but truthfully they’re based on the same principals; the stories have different players and scenarios.

Two commonalities are the belief in a higher power (God) and angels. If you examine religions such as Hinduism, Catholicism, and many others, they mention angels in one form or another. But, how do we know if angels and God exist? Does it come down to that 5-letter word, faith?

Some of us pray day after day for things such as employment. I myself have been praying for over one year that I would find steady work in addition to my part-time (thank God) writing work. I even went to the desert (AZ)to find my salvation. Did I find it? Perhaps I did in one form or another. Perhaps my time is up in the desert which is why jobs are not being brought to me.

I’ve read so many books from Napoleon Hill to Charles Haanel to Sandra Anne Taylor to you name the author. Dr. Dyer is famous for the “change your thoughts, change your life” speech. Well, I’ve changed my thoughts to change my life so why am I still experiencing issue with my career and money?

Many people tout themselves as Law of Attraction gurus. It’s a growing business. They say that God is in all of us. If that’s true, shouldn’t we be able to change our circumstances straight-away? Shouldn’t we be able to experience joy and success if we’ve done the work that they told us to do? How long does it take? Are supposed to be joyful no matter our circumstances? The latter can take a lot of mental concentration and practice!

Sometimes we get so caught up in making our dreams come true. Is it worth it? For example, I’ve been on a mission to find writing, coaching, and or teaching opportunities. My highest education is a Masters degree, and I’m questioning whether or not the money was worth it. I also have two accounting degrees and a graphic design certification. I’m not a slacker and give more than 100 percent. Maybe that’s the problem, I give too much. Perhaps it’s time for me to sit back and start receiving.

A few weeks ago I came down with a cold, and I firmly believe that I made myself sick. I’m starting to feel much, much better. I believe I exhausted myself by trying to make a new life for myself in Arizona. I look for employment seven days a week! I probably sent out over 500 resumes since August 2007. Now I’m asking myself if it was worth it. Did I learn a lot about myself while being in Arizona? Yes. Have I “changed my thoughts?” Yes. Has it changed my life? Maybe in the long run, but in the short run I still have bills to pay. I do my best to “focus my attention” on my bills being paid on time with money left over in my checking account. Please do not ask me what the balance of my checking account is right now.

Many people say that “the universe or God likes it when you have an attitude of gratitude.” Is this true? I started a gratitude journal, and I truly am grateful for what I have, but is it really helping me? I was taught to be grateful when I was child. I know things can be worse, but that still does not change the situation I am in today. So, where are God and the angels in all of this? Did they hear and listen to my prayers? Truthfully, I have no idea if my prayers were answered because I am in the now. I learned that from Eckhart Tolle; he teaches to practice being in the present moment. I’m very good at that, now.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have proof that God and angels exist? For those of us who thought they had it figured out, we could use a divine sign. At this moment, I have no idea what I believe in anymore. I’m really not sure if God and angels exist. If they do exist, could you send them my way? I have many questions that could use some answers.


  1. I know where you are coming from. When you question whether God or Angels exist. I have been down that road many times in my lifetime. I try to keep the faith even though many times what I asked for didn’t happen. You need to believe in something.