Billions in Bailout — No Money Left to Buy Socks for U.S. Troops

It’s a sad day for The United States of America when the government bails out Wall Street, and they use the money to pay corporate executives bonuses!

It was very generous of the folks from “Main Street.” After all, it is the holiday season, and it’s better to give than receive.

According to an article posted on Yahoo! news:

“Crisscrossing the country in corporate jets may no longer fly in Detroit after car executives got a dressing down from Congress. But on Wall Street, the coveted executive perk has hardly been grounded.

Six financial firms that received billions in bailout dollars still own and operate fleets of jets to carry executives to company events and sometimes personal trips, according to an Associated Press review.”

It’s reassuring to read that the billions in bailout have not disrupted the flight patterns of these corporate executives. Thank goodness oil and gas prices have declined. More importantly, they received their Christmas bonuses before the BIG holiday. Whew, they dodged a bullet. Imagine the look on their wives, girlfriends, or life partners face if they only received a 1-carat diamond ring!

Yet, our troops who are serving this country around the world must buy their own socks. You read that correctly; our men and women must purchase their own socks. This is no joke people. You would think that a government that is able to give Wall Street billions in dollars would be able to provide socks for its own military personnel.

This information was brought to light thanks to the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. They have a program called Heart and Sole which is collecting socks for our men and women in the military. The goal is to collect 10,000 pairs of socks.

My family has a strong military background. In fact, I found out I have a cousin in the Pentagon. No one knew this. Of course, this is my dad’s side of the family so that makes sense. In our family it was “keep things to yourself and do not speak to anyone outside of the family about family business.” It sounds more Godfatherish than military.

My dad and his brothers served in the Army and their uncles served in World War II. Like so many women, my grandmother did her part and went to work while our boys were overseas. She also saved tin foil and lard in addition to recycling plastic and glass.

It’s a shame that our government cannot provide something as basic as socks to our men and women in the military. As my father would say, “where are your priorities?”

I know I can sleep better at night knowing that all of the executives on Wall Street and two of the BIG 3 automakers were bailed out with billions of taxpayers’ dollars. At least I will not have to worry about this going into the New Year.

We in America have our values in perfect order: Wall Street and executives first, military second, and Main Street last. It’s good to know that all of the corporate executives will have a “banner” holiday season. I myself feel fabulous knowing that my tax dollars were able to provide Wall Street executives with bonuses and holidays in the Hamptons. Have a great 2008 holiday season!


  1. Just want to say, I liked the picture on top and also the video. It is a shame that that the troops have to buy their own socks. It is ok for them to give up their lives or to be injured but the goverment can’t do anything good for them.

  2. Thanks for the comment…I was surprised that our troops must buy their own socks…I passed on the email that I received about our troops. Hopefully, people will donate socks if they can. I’ll buy a couple packages and drop them off.

  3. Roberta Gigi's says:

    Shame on the U.S.A.

    Our men and women are overseas fighting in so many countries not just the desert and they have to buy their own clothing.
    Wake up America and really support our troops that means you Uncle Sam. These people are p utting their lives on hold just to protect our country and we can’t supply the uniforms. We should send the people from Wall Street over there they be scared and they would pee their pants and not survive. Must be nice to be rich while the rest of us go struggling day to day to make ends meet. Did we not learn anything from the 1929 stock market crash apparently not.
    Suck it up you poor rich people your greed is your own doing.
    Learn to live like the rest of us poor people and not all poor are dumb we do have and education. We are street smart where you are street dumb. I think the USA should help out it’s born and raised here instead of every foreign that comes through the borders.Invest in THE USA and get your head out of your ass.