7 Ways to Create the Life You’re Meant to Live

When the New Year is around the corner, many people write a New Year’s Resolution list. Of course, the top two resolutions are to lose weight and quit smoking. Most resolutions last less than a month!

Wouldn’t it be nice to create the life you desire in the New Year? You can have, be, or do what you want; you just have to make the decision to go for it! However, you must work from the inside out before your “outer world” starts to look like how you desire it to be!

If your life is not the way you would like, change it. You do have the power to change your life. Many of us get caught up in “drama rama” of our life. This includes work, family, friends, and the community. In retrospect, we unknowingly create the dramas in our life. Some people may not believe this, but it’s true.

Most of us do not like to take responsibility for what happens in our life. We cannot believe that we would cause the strife that occurs each day in our life. Yes, it’s a “tough pill” to swallow. The faster you accept that you create undesirable situations, the better off you’ll be.

7 Ways to Create Your Life

  1. Get rid of the guilt. Guilt can eat you alive! Doing things out of guilt will not get you far. Take time for yourself and make sure you do things for others because you want to do so.
  2. Focus on your desires instead of what you do not want. Many people focus on what they don’t want, and they receive what they don’t want. Start focusing on what you do want. Is it better health? To lose 30 lbs or quit smoking? Visualization or “daydreaming” about the outcome can help you to obtain your desires. Remember to “feel” what it would like to be 30 lbs. lighter or financially free.
  3. Your emotions lead the way. You cannot just think about what you want and do nothing about it. You must feel what it would be like to have your desire. There is no “genie of the universe” that will grant you three wishes! You must take the proper action to create the life you desire.
  4. Clean up your karma. People have different viewpoints of karma. Many people believe they have some sort of magic power to get back at someone who has wronged them. Others believe that it’s the “negative energy” that you put out into the universe that comes back to you in one form or another. Clean up your karma by apologizing to people or writing them a letter. You do not have to send the letter, but writing it will help “clear the air.”
  5. Journal. This is a great way to pinpoint exactly what it is that you want from your life. Some people like to journal because it’s therapeutic.
  6. Get outside. Nature can help you gain clarity. Sitting quietly in nature is a great way for you to get clear about what it is you desire for your life.
  7. Let go and surrender. Focus on your desires and let them go. Being obsessed with having money will only push it away from you. It’s kind of a paradox. If you desire to be a successful designer with financial freedom, then visualize yourself having many clients who pay you on time and let it go. Take the proper steps to reach your desire, but do not obsess about it.

    Also, learn to let go of the past. The past only exists in your head. You cannot go back and undo your childhood or other experiences. Releasing those that may have hurt you (especially if they are deceased) will greatly benefit you.

These seven ways can help you create the life you desire. Make the decision to begin today to think and feel about what it is you want for your life. You must be as specific as possible. Once you write down what you desire, meditate on it. You may have to let some people go, which can be painful. When we grow from a “spiritual” basis and are moved into new territory, sometimes the people that we knew will not be part of our new life. Mourn the loss and move forward as best as you can. Now go and create the life you want!


Forgiveness. Forgiving people who have wronged you will set you free. You do not forgive the action but the attachment to those people and what they did to you. Set yourself free today and forgive others. Bless them and send them on their way. Life is too short to be hanging onto grudges or dwelling on or in the past!


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