Women Follow 7 Steps to Lose Weight Like Men

Many women diet to lose weight. The problem is they usually gain the weight back with an additional 10 pounds! Diets do not work. When you restrict yourself from foods that you enjoy, chances are you’re going to binge. This means you could end up eating an entire cheese pizza! Not only will you probably get sick, but you’ll feel guilty.

Men do not diet. They’re not about to give up anything — men do not berate themselves if the mess up. They’re going to enjoy a meal of meat and potatoes. However, the next day they’re back to watching their caloric intake.

If men have a craving, it’s usually for a juicy T-Bone steak. Women crave sweets such as chocolate cake. The steak is filling, whereas chocolate cake will not fill you up. Therefore, grab the low-fat string cheese, turkey roll-up, or cottage cheese with fruit. The alternative is a chocolate covered or peanut butter chocolate energy bar. The calories range from 210 and up. The key factor is that it will fill you up.

To keep from overeating, men will usually go for a run, play a round of basketball, shoot pool, or do some activity that they enjoy. Women on the other hand will do dishes, dust and vacuum, or some other activity that they do not enjoy. Before they know it, they’re overcome with feelings of disgust and aggravation.

Women, it’s time to do something you love instead of something that is seen as a chore. Do you draw, paint, or sing? Take up a hobby such as graphic arts, pottery, or anything that involves using your hands. You could always buy a journal and write your feelings down. Who knows, you may get to the root of why your weight loss system is not working for you.

7 Steps to Lose Weight Like Men

  1. Use heavier weights. Ladies leave the 5 lb. weights on the shelf. The heavier the weights the better. Start with 10 lb. weights and build-up from that point.
  2. Food is not a counselor. Find out why you reach for food when you’re emotional. When you eat that slice of cheesecake, you think you’ll feel better, but chances are whatever it is that you’re feeling will resurface at a later date. Tackle the issue right now instead of stuffing your feelings with food.
  3. Crave sweets — replace them with proteins. Keep low-fat string cheese in the refrigerator. Chicken and turkey are great to have on hand. Other alternatives are natural or organic peanut butter, nuts, legumes, or cottage cheese and fruit. If you have a craving for something for sweet such as chocolate, have a protein or energy bar. One will probably be enough!
  4. Do not obsess over the scale. Many women are freaked out by the scale. Weigh yourself once to three times a week! Let your clothes measure your progress. Loose fitting clothes will indicate that you’re losing inches and pounds.
  5. Deprivation is a big no-no. Do not deprive yourself the foods that you like. Try to incorporate them each week. Instead of eating the entire cookie eat half one day and save the other half for another day. Negotiation can be your friend, be diplomatic about your food choices.
  6. Do something nice for yourself. Get a massage, manicure, or pedicure. Men do stuff for themselves all of the time. They’re not about to give up their season tickets to their favorite sports team or the round of golf.
  7. Go within to understand why food comforts you. Understand why you eat the way you do. Learning to deal with issues that are you’re holding inside will benefit you in the long run. The more you put off dealing with issues, the more susceptible you are to sabotaging your weight loss.

Women if you follow these 7 steps, you’ll lose weight and keep it off. Stop beating yourself up if you happen to go over your calories one day; it’s all right. You can best believe that men do not ever beat themselves if they take in more calories. They get over it, very quickly, and so can you! Pick yourself up and start again tomorrow. Just don’t make a habit of it.

If you find yourself eating more calories, there are issues that need resolving on a deeper level. This is where going inward will help you treat the issues instead of the symptoms. It may be tough, but once you do it, you’ll feel relieved and can start living your life!


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