Parents Can’t Handle Children – Drop-Off, Drive Away, and Relinquish Rights

It seems that parents are “driving and dumping” their children to “safe drop-off zones” in the state of Nebraska. Apparently, Nebraska will be revisiting its safe haven law. Who knew that Nebraska had a safe-haven law?

According to an article posted on, “parents are rushing to drop-off their teenage children at hospitals before lawmakers change the state’s troubled safe haven law.” The law does not have an age limit, but that is about to change.

A man from Miami, FL flew to Nebraska to leave his teenage son at a Nebraska hospital. A mother drove from Georgia to drop-off her teenage son. Talk about taking advantage of the dropping gas prices!

Perhaps Super Nanny can cruise to Nebraska and help the state straighten-out its safe haven law. When she’s finished with that issue, she can help all of the parents in the United States of America who cannot handle their children.

It would behoove men and woman in the United States of America to think twice before they decide to have children. Many people are messed up because of their childhood experiences. Instead of working on themselves, they jump into marriage or into bed with any man or woman and then reproduce. Please stop reproducing now! The world is not suffering from a shortage of people.

Being a parent in real life is different from what the situation comedies or dramas portray on television. Issues are not resolved at the end of 30 or 60 minutes! Moms and dads usually work more than 40 hours per week. Of course, some have financial debt that is crushing them emotionally, mentally, and physically. Most kids do not know what is going on because their parents do not tell them.

If we would teach our children the importance of birth control and abstinence, we would not read about how parents are taking advantage of the safe haven law in Nebraska. Furthermore, if we would incorporate teachings from Napoleon Hill, Eckhart Tolle, and the countless others who believe in “changing your thoughts, to change your life,” we would not hear of disturbing news such as parents driving to another state to “drop-off” their kids.

Perhaps, it’s time to make parenting classes mandatory for those who would like to reproduce. If couples pass the class, they can reproduce; if they don’t pass, well that’s life. Don’t even think about adopting a pet! If couples are not suitable to be parents, there’s no way they’ll be able to take care of a pet. They’re just as much responsibility as children are, if not more!

Maybe the government of the United States of America could get involved; they’re involved in everything else. The government could construct special drop-off centers for children. Parents can drop-off their kids and relinquish all of their rights. If they can’t raise them, allow other people to do so. Children deserve to be raised in a loving, stable environment versus one that is negative and unstable.

It’s know wonder why the world is in such turmoil. As a collective conscious we are creating situations in our lives that are not pleasant. It’s about time people start to take a good, long, and hard look at their lives. Men and women could question whether or not it’s a good idea to have children from an emotional and mental perspective. If the answer is “I’m not sure” or a resounding “NO,” then do not have children.

As human beings the urge to reproduce is in us. If men and women can’t take care of themselves, there’s no way they’ll be able to raise children. It takes more than love and finances to raise children. Emotional and mental stability is crucial. For those that grew up in abusive situations, the cycle will continue one way or another. Do not be fooled into thinking that “things will be different.” Unless help is sought to straighten out those inner demons that are still in control, the cycle will repeat with each generation.

If people do not change their mindset, we’re all going to suffer for it. Unfortunately, children are innocent victims that because their parents did not have someone to show them the way to salvation. The time is now to work on the inside so that the outside will be peaceful, calm, productive, and harmonious for all of us.


  1. Read your blog about what parents are doing to their children in Nebraska. Those children didn’t ask to be born. What a horrible thing to do to a child. As the saying goes those who want children desperately can’t have them and those that can shouldn’t have them.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I know people who could not have children who would have made great parents. They had a difficult time with adoption in the U.S. which is why they went outside of the U.S (Romania and Russia) to adopt. Go figure.

  3. Roberta Gigi's says:

    I just read this article, and this is just sick. Do you know how many thousands of dollars are spent in fertillity clincics yearly In this century too many peolpe are self absorbed in themselves and should not have children.I work in a public school clinic and these parents think I can take care of illnesses such as strep,live mono and many other illnesses and when I have to call the parent to sugest they take their child to the doctor its a big ordeal and they think a tylenol or a bandaid can
    fix this.NO they let the child sit in the office for up to six hours until they get them when the child have been home in the first place.Then other parents call to complain their child got sick at school.

  4. What’s wrong with this picture? I have discussed this with many friends and mothers of teens. Most say that it is becoming increasingly difficult to raise teens these days. The system now makes it very difficult to dicipline children now and they are getting out of hand. I used to get spankings when I did something wrong as a child. Now if a parent spanks a child the child knows they can turn them in and the parent can go to jail. Many children take advantage of that law, threating, lieing and will not except correction from parents. (one tean threatened to lie to DCS if her mother did not take her off of punishment) Spanking children is not a bad thing while raising them, as long as you don’ t seriously hurt them. These kids grow up unruley and become a problem to family and society. If Nabraska doesn’t do something now. the number will increase. Parents have to have more control of how the raise their children. Those of us born as baby boomers were disciplined as children and raised well. The system is what most say is the problem.

  5. Chucky, thanks for the comments. I was disciplined as a child. I come from a military family. In the military they expect and teach discipline, structure, and organization. My father was very BIG on these. We had rules and followed them. I’m also one of those “latch-key” kids who would come home to the dog and an empty house. My father was laid-off from work for 7 1/2 years (auto industry) and he worked two jobs (sometimes; he eventually got called back to work) and my mom went back to work. Once my sister turned 16, she went to work after school; prior to that she did babysit from time to time.

    I’m sure there are situations where kids are unruly and parents do not know how to handle them, but I do believe there is more to it than “just an unruly kid.”

    I also agree with Roberta, I think people are self-absorbed. I do believe it goes back to whatever childhood experiences they had. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s amazing how many kids are on “meds.” I had no idea…