5 Ways to Make EXTRA Cash

Who would like to make extra cash? Not only does extra cash come in handy for the holidays, it’s just good to have all-year-round. Please note that earning extra cash is the key. You will be working. If you are prone to whining and complaining, you may want to close this blog and find something else to read!

Many people think that because some jobs are fun (being an extra in a movie), they do not have to abide by the rules and regulations that are established. This is the furthest thing from the truth. A job is a job. You must adhere to the dress code, hours, and code of conduct established by the organization.

5 Ways to Make Extra Cash

  1. Be an extra in a movie. This can be fun and exciting. You may be cast as a “principal extra” and make more money than the “average” extra. Follow the rules such as no taking pictures or speaking to the actors.
  2. Work seasonal jobs. Many retailers look for seasonal employers. Hours are usually at night and on the weekends. If you can give up some nights and weekends, you can be rolling in the money!
  3. Freelance blogger or writer. Become a freelance blogger or writer. Some writing jobs pay as much as $20 per blog or $100 per article.
  4. Sell health and wellness products. The health and wellness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. You could become part of a network-marketing group of an organization that sells health and wellness products. You could make hundreds and thousands of dollar each month.
  5. Affiliate marketing. If you have a blog, this is a great way to make extra cash. The drawback to affiliate marketing is that it can take some time to build up the income before it’s released to you.

You would be surprised how many people complain about being an “extra” in a movie. When you are cast as an extra, expect to wait around for the day. Filming a movie is not a speedy process! Instead of complaining about sitting and waiting, be grateful for being cast in the film. You never know what may come of it. And — you could be in the presence of “A-list” actors. How cool would it be to see these actors do what they do best? Think of the story you will have to tell family and friends!

Finally, these are some ways you can make extra cash. No matter what you do, remember that you will be working. Drop your problems at the door and pick them up when you leave. Your employer does not want to hear you complain and whine. Be grateful you found a job and that you will earn extra cash.