Woman’s Dramatic Weight Loss Improved Her Odds at the Races

A woman took it upon herself to lose weight. She was not happy with herself and life. Over the year, the weight piled on and her self-esteem plummeted. She was not a “happy camper.” A change had to occur and fast, her life depended on it.

One day she watched The Biggest Loser and became inspired. She started working out with the contestants, implemented the trainer tips, and started eating right. Little by little the weight started to come off. She was very excited. Soon, she reached her goal of losing 100 lbs. Not only did she shed the pounds, her horrible self-image went with it. Her mind, body, and spirit were finally connected. This helped her focus on training for a 5K run. She’s off to run a race of a lifetime!

Many people struggle with weight loss. Their weight goes up and down like a yo-yo which is not good for the body. Weight loss does not have to be some big mystery.

Tips for weight loss

  1. Portion control. Instead of using a big plate use a smaller plate. This way you will not be tempted to pile on the food. A 3 oz. piece of chicken and broccoli will fit nicely on the plate.
  2. Cut out white flour. Multi-grain foods are very popular. However, carbs are carbs. Do not think that a multi-grain bagel with light cream cheese is a better choice, it’s not! Bagels can have more than 42 grams of carbohydrates. For breakfast, choose oatmeal, a high fiber cereal (with low carbs), or egg whites with tomatoes.
  3. Drink water! Keep a water bottle near you. If you have a craving, drink some water. This will ease the craving. Plus, water is better for you than soda.
  4. Go organic. These foods are free from unnatural substances such as chemical fertilizers. However, be mindful of the label organic. If a product has the USDA Organic symbol this means that the product is 95% or more organic.
  5. Do not deprive yourself. When you restrict what you eat, you’re more than likely to binge. Incorporate a “cheat day” into your diet. Use a certain amount of calories to splurge on pizza, gelato, chocolate, or whatever is that you like.

These are some tips to improve your odds of weight loss. If you gain weight or hit a plateau, do not panic. This will happen from time to time. You need to give your body time to adjust to your weight loss regime. Remember, you did not gain those 50 lbs. all at once. You gained them 2 or 5 pounds at a time. It will take time to drop the weight. Slow and steady wins the race!

People who carry around weight on their body usually carry “inner baggage.” Once the weight starts to come off, the true cause of weight gain is discovered. Nine times out of ten, people gain weight because of something traumatic that happened in their childhood or some other traumatic life experience such as a death or divorce.

Once you start working on your body, pay attention to your mind. Also, surround yourself with supportive people. You’ll want to work on the mental portion of your weight loss. You may lose 50 lbs. or 100 lbs., but if you’re not comfortable with yourself, you may gain the weight back. You must get to the heart of the matter of your weight gain and then work from that point.

Take your weight loss slow and be kind to yourself. Celebrate a 1 lb. weight loss along with a 10 lb. weight loss. The pounds you lose are important no matter how small they are.


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