Who Else is Fed Up with Horrible Customer Service?

Has this ever happened to you? You are excited about shopping at your favorite store. The shelves are filled with your favorite products and they’re priced just right. Then it happens. You get to the register and the person behind it provides horrible customer service. This has happened to me numerous times at Ulta Beauty in Chandler, Arizona. The energy in the store is just “blah.” You’d think by now I would know enough to go the Ulta Beauty at Tempe Marketplace. Well, I finally learned my lesson. I’ll shop at Tempe Marketplace store, order online, or find another beauty store.

Customer service in The United States of America is less than stellar. What’s the deal with horrible customer service? Are people that unhappy with their lives? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding “yes!” These people take their negative energy to work and spread it around faster than the speed of light.

Too bad businesses did not administer an “energy” test to employees. Some give psychological and or personality tests but those are not 100 percent reliable. Then again, most businesses are only concerned with the degree a potential employee has and how many years of experience. It does not occur to businesses that they may be hiring a “toxic” employee. Soon the entire company will be infested with an “energy disease” that can suck the life out you in less than 2.5 seconds!

Oprah had Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com on her September 23, 2008 show. He has taken Zappos.com from $1.6 million in 2000 to $840 million in 2007. Tony did this by focusing relentlessly on customer service. He knew what it was like to receive “horrible customer service” which is why excellent customer service is important at Zappos.com.

Zappos.com offers handbags, clothing, electronics, and much more because of their superior customer service. People who receive good customer service will be loyal customers. Tony does not have an office; he doesn’t even own a suit! Tony prefers to be accessible to all of his employees instead of being holed-up in an office.

The next time you provide or receive horrible customer service, remember these two things: 1) the person you just waited on may be a writer for a major newspaper or magazine and 2) shop at another store. With current economic conditions being a little shaky, there are plenty of stores that provide great customer service. They’ll take your money with a smile!

Have you experienced horrible customer service? What’s the story?


  1. I have to agree with you about bad customer service. I went to the library this morning to pick up a couple of books I had on hold. The lady behind the desk couldn’t of been more unfriendly. It was to much of a effort for her to say Good Morning or have a nice day. This is not the first time this person has been like this to me or to other patrons. Just because she wasn’t friendly didn’t mean I had to be the same way to her. I wished her a good day and walked out. A library is not a very good place to have unfriendly employee’s working for you.

  2. I agree with you. It amazes me how bad customer service is these days. Unfortunately, employees do not understand that without the customer their jobs would be gone.

    Most employees are fed up with their employer or life. Their negative energy transfers to everyone they connect with each day. Now wonder the U.S.’s economy is out of balance. Their are too many unhappy people who fill their lives with “material items” because they think it will make them happy:)!