Sarah Palin’s Joe-Six Pack and Hockey Mom Could Use a Makeover

To all of the “hockey moms” and “joe-six packers” of the beer drinking kind (not six-pack abs) in America, are Sarah Palin’s remarks offensive or flattering? When Sarah Palin uses a phrase like joe-six packer, some Americans and people from around the world may get an image of a man with a six-pack of Bud Light that sits on his beer gut, where he is parked in front of the television watching football in a trailer home, and living off of the government through welfare. They probably envision a plethora of broken down cars on the property as well.

Hockey moms do not fair any better. Picture a woman with big hair from the 80s, dressed in an over-sized sweatshirt with some cute design on it, and wearing acid-wash blue jeans that are tight around the ankle. When the ref makes a bad call or what is perceived as a bad call, they probably get up out of their seat and let the obscenities flow like a raging Alaskan river.The choice vehicle is probably a SUV or mini-van. Children are probably catered to each day so there is no reason for them to think or do for themselves.

Does America really desire this woman as our VP? If something happens to McCain, she will be Commander-In-Chief. Just picture the discussions with leaders from Iran and Iraq. Will Sarah Palin show up in her hockey mom wardrobe, bring a six-pack of Bud Light, and open the bottle with her teeth instead of twisting the cap off?

Currently, we do not have a great image in other countries. Most people believe Americans to be rude, arrogant, impatient, fat, and lazy. The words that Palin uses to describe Americans may make matters worse. Who is she to assume that all of us are “hockey moms” and “joe-six packers.” What does this mean for men and women who “pulled themselves up by their boot-strings” and went to college and now own their own business. Perhaps she will convince McCain to give them many tax incentives, one year of FREE Bud Light, and tickets to see their local hockey team play. Let’s go Phoenix Coyotes and Lake Erie Monsters!


  1. All I have to say is HEAVEN HELP US!!! If John McCain becomes the new president and something should happen to him while he is in office and Sarah Palin a hockey mom becomes the next president we are going to need all the prayers in the world to help us. So we all better start praying now if he is elected that nothing happens to him for the next 4 years.