Did Americans Forget How to March?

This opinion piece is the first for misticcafe.com’s new category feature. With so much happening in the world, the time has come to voice my opinion on such matters. I know what you are thinking: “great another opinion piece, just what the world needs.”

Perhaps you read Napoleon Hill who is famous for saying “opinions are the cheapest commodities.” This may be true, but sometimes reading or listening to the opinion of others will encourage or inspire you the reader to further disseminate information that is being thrown at you by the media each day!

The following piece was going to be sent to Arizona lawmakers via KPHO.com. The news station was asking Arizonians the following: What do you want to tell Arizona’s congressional delegation about the economic crisis? Share your feelings on the economy here; we will be putting a packet together and passing your stories on to the representatives.

Here’s my response to KPHO.com’s question….

I would like to know what the hell happened to all of those “baby boomers” and “not-so-baby-boomers” who marched to Washington D.C. back in the 60s! Where the hell are you now? You marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but where is the outraged American citizen now? Oh, that’s right, their probably utilizing their degree from UCLA Berkley and sitting pretty in Washington, D.C. and on Wall Street! Now, it’s up to us GenXers and Millennials to clean up the mess for our future. As Peg Bundy from that 1990s television program Married With Children would say “kids, thank your father!”

Furthermore, I moved to AZ from another state due to the research that this state was so “progressive.” Really? I saw the light rail system today. Are you kidding me? The state of Arizona spent how much money on the “light rail system?” Believe me, they are not kidding when it is referred to as light!

Did anyone call the governors of the states of NY, IL, and MA? Do you know what the subway system in New York is like or the L-Train in Chicago? Do you know what The Tube is in London, England? Have you been to Japan?

All I’ve heard since I moved to AZ is people bragging how Phoenix has 5 million people and now “we are fifth in the nation” for the most people. And…that means what? From what I understand the “light rail” does not go to the airport. If this is true, what is the reason it does not go to the airport? How is a “mediocre” rail system for a city that has approximately 5 million people progressive? Yes, I understand that AZ develops “outward,” but that’s no excuse. Are you familiar with innovation, ingenuity, and 21st century technology?

If you assume that I am an American citizen who is a bit perturbed, you would be correct. I wonder if France still has the guillotine. It was not officially “laid to rest” until 1981. That would be one way to solve the Wall Street crisis. We could have an American Revolution II with a French twist. Maybe it’s not such a good idea; it would be another mess for us to cleanup. I know some of you may think it’s a bit melodramatic. But it grabs your attention!

Do you think Americans are too complacent in this time of economic crisis? What do you think the men who signed the Constitution would say today about America?