Are You Stuck in Your Life? Hire a Life Coach and Create the Life You Desire

Coaching blends concepts from counseling, mentoring, sociology, business, psychology, spirituality, and sports. The main purpose of a coach is to support people as they strive to create the ideal life for themselves.

Life coaches help their clients achieve and narrow down their personal goals. Life coaches usually specialize in one or more areas such as career, business, creativity, pets, small business, and many other areas.

The International Coach Federation offers certification in life coaching. The International Coach Academy is accredited by the International Coach Federation. These classes are teleclasses that are online. They are not like online classes that you would take at a college or university.

Sometimes you need support from someone other than a family member or friend. This is why I contacted Beth from InSpirit Life Coaching. I was curious if life coaching is something that I really wanted to pursue and to find out first hand what it is. The session “flew by,” and I realized that I still had some “family issues” to work out even though I thought I forgave people and moved on with my life. Yes, I did what Debbie Ford says most people do which is cover up “your story” with another “story.”

Whether you live in the Phoenix, AZ area or not and are looking for a life coach, please visit In Spirit Life Coaching. Beth is a fantastic life coach who listens with compassion and understanding. She gives you guidance so you can begin to create an ideal life for yourself. The question is, are you ready to do that? If the answer is “yes,” contact Beth today. Tomorrow, you will have a new perspective on your life.

Do you have a life coach or considered hiring a life coach? Is it worth it to you?


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  2. Beth Temple-Holmes says:

    Rebecca – thank you for the honor of coaching you! You are a remarkable woman with a talent for writing, and it is my belief that you are on your way – tune in to your Spirit, Rebecca, and you will manifest your every desire! In Spirit, Beth Temple-Holmes

  3. Thank you! Maybe I’ll treat myself to another session. It can be my Christmas gift “from me to me.”

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