Why Do Married Men Cheat?

Oprah had two shows on “Why Do Men Cheat?” The first show caused such a ruckus that she decided to do a follow up show. Apparently, Oprah received many angry emails and voice mails from women.

So, why do men cheat? According to M. Gary Neumann men cheat for a variety of reasons. The main reason is they do not feel appreciated. M. Gary Neumann says that sex is not the reason why men cheat. Is this true?

Some women were appalled to hear that men cheat because they did not feel appreciated. Women called men who cheated “big babies” because they did not feel appreciated. Most of the men cheated because they felt their wives did not appreciate them for going to work or picking up the kids; the daily responsibilities. Some men felt their wives may have lost interest in them. They found other women who appreciated them and made them feel good about themselves. By the way, the women that the men cheated with were not prettier than their wives!

What are some of the signs that your man is cheating? Signs include always on the cell phone, extensive use of the internet, going out after work, and or a change in appearance. If you suspect your man is cheating, ask him. It’s that simple.

Marriage seems to change the relationship between men and women. When you’re dating it’s exciting! Once you receive that piece of paper the relationship goes in a different direction. Communication seems to go out the window faster than a speeding bullet! Why?

Here’s a tip for all of you married couples: make sure honesty, trust, and loyalty are present in your relationship before you get married. When you get married, reiterate that honesty, trust, and loyalty are important to your relationship. Open and honest communication is key!

According to M. Gary Neumann, married couples speak on average 12 minutes each day. Now wonder the U.S. has a high divorce rate. Apparently, the topics married people speak about are work, finances, sex, and the kids (if they have them). Boring! You mean to tell me that is all you have to talk about. Think back to when you were dating. Were you passionate about the environment and conservation? What happened to that passion?

The bottom line is that men and women have a strong desire to be appreciated. Is there anyone that does not want to be appreciated? And yes, this includes being appreciated for daily responsibilities such as going to work.

Women, thank God you have men who earn a steady income. Men, thank God you have wives who earn a good salary. The 3-week Jamaican vacation you are taking next year will be much sweeter since it is paid for! And for heavens sake, find other topics to discuss other than the “same old, same old.” Contact me if you need a list of topics!


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