Families Raise Cash and Save Money – How Do They Do It?

Many families are looking for ways to raise cash and save money. According to CNN.Money some ways to raise cash fast are as follows: sell investments, raid the emergency funds, ask parents for a gift, and take out a home equity line of credit.

Business Week asked financial advisors for advice on how to reduce expenses and boost savings. A few ways are to vacation in the off-season, cut back on eating out, if you have two cars, sell one; cut out premium cable stations, and find FREE entertainment.

Other ways families can raise cash is to sell antiques and heirlooms. Yes, “parting may be sweet sorrow,” but if the money is needed to pay the bills, do it! Great, Great, Great Aunt Martha will understand. She’s probably in the afterlife and really would not care what you do with the heirloom. Consider selling jewelry, furniture, exercise equipment, and furniture.

Saving money is relatively easy. Families must be vigilant and want to save money. Cutback on Starbucks, carpool, trim phone expenses, make a budget, pay off credit cards or make payment arrangement and cut-up the ones from department stores because VISA and MasterCard are accepted everywhere you go, and keep track of expenses. If you receive a gift of money or unexpected cash, put it in the bank. Pay for purchases with cash versus credit. As mom would say “if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!”


  1. I agree about saving money it is easy if you are willing to do it. I save my coins in seperate piggy bank’s and started to save my $1 bill’s . You would be surprised how fast $1 bill’s add up. Also I try to set a goal for myself to save a certain amount of money. Although sometimes that isn’t easy to do. Plus I have not renewed my subscriptions to my magazine’s and have made cut back’s in other way’s. I alway’s say to my daughter’s if there is a will there is a way.