Don’t Let the Rise of Zombie Debt Haunt You

Many people never heard of zombie debt until they receive a letter regarding their once resolved fraudulent credit issue which has been re-awakened. This is known as zombie debt. Imagine that your credit card was stolen and the thief goes on a shopping spree. You notify the credit card company of the theft and to rectify the situation. All charges are cleared and you are not responsible for them. Right? Better think again.

Collectors harass consumers to no avail when collecting debt. Consumers who believe the debt was resolved or never even had any in the first place are reporting more and more abuse from collectors. From nasty phone calls to trashing credit reports, the Federal Trade Commission has heard it all. They received many complaints in 2005 about third party debt collectors. For more information on zombie debt, please visit “Zombie debt refers to old debt purchased by debt collectors hoping to intimidate consumers into paying the debt. If you’re contacted by a collection agency about an old debt, don’t give in immediately. You have several tools you can use to fight back.”

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The bottom line is to be vigilant with your credit! Review your credit statements on a monthly basis and review your credit score at least once a year. Do not assume you owe the debt. Verify that you owe the debt and make the collectors prove you owe the debit. Start a file and keep all letters from collectors in one place. Feel free to hang up on collectors if they are being rude or call everyday. You may want to consult with an attorney if the calls and letters continue.

Finally, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. They are pursuing illegal collections and are shutting down collection agencies. Make sure you know your rights and take the necessary steps to handle the situation. It’s your credit that is on the line!


  1. I read the article on Zombie debt and watched the video. I thought they both were very informative. I never heard of Zombie Debt like every one else. I do check my statements every month , the ones that come in the mail and those on the internet. I will be more vigilant from now on.