Stop! Misplaced American Prejudice and Oil Dependency

Isn’t it ironic that after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York, the prejudice that most Americans had towards people of Middle Eastern descent skyrocketed. Here’s the irony. Americans use gasoline in their vehicles to run their cars. The oil comes from the Middle East. It can be deduced that the very people most Americans loath they support. Isn’t that an ironic twist of fate? But what do American people do about the dependency the USA has on the Middle East for oil? They do nothing except complain about the increase in the price of gasoline.

The next time Americans gripe about the high cost of gasoline, it would behoove them to think about the supplier. Furthermore, if the majority of Americans cannot stand paying high gasoline prices, they should put pressure on its government to stop purchasing oil from the Middle East. America could supply her own oil. Here is a list of oil fields (not a complete list) from around the world. The article How much oil is there really? articulates the “right price” for oil. From CBS News, Oil, Gas Hit New Highs tells a compelling tale of how the price of oil has risen since the beginning of 2008.

With the Fourth of July aka Independence Day in a few days, think about the men and woman who fought for the freedom for The United States of America. Was their fight in vain? Another irony is that the 13 colonies fought for independence from a sovereign country which held colonials under its yoke. Yet, today the USA swears its allegiance to another.

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