Waistline Quiz. How Does Yours Measure Up?

Listen up Americans, Japan has implemented mandatory measuring of Japanese waistlines. Japan is not known as an “obese” nation such as The United States of America. In the USA smokers are “berated” as the waistlines of Americans continue to “expand” each year; not for long. Some USA companies are implementing mandatory NO SMOKING policies along with HEALTH REQUIREMENTS. Employees can receive compensation such as bonuses for quitting smoking and losing weight.

Matsushita (known in the USA as Panasonic) has to measure the waistlines of its employees as well as their families and retirees. NEC, Japan’s largest makers of personal computers could face up to $19 million in penalties if the company fails to meet its targets. Ouch! Visit the The New York Times to read the article “Japan, Seeking Trim Waists, Measures Millions.”

If “mandatory measuring” was implemented in America, most people would say it’s a violation of their constitutional rights. Perhaps they have a point. However, with soaring health care costs, corporations would probably welcome the guidelines if it helps to control and cut costs.

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On a personal note, as a former smoker and woman who carried an extra 100 lbs., I know that it can be difficult to lose weight and throw out the cigarettes. First, make sure you lose the weight for the right reasons! Do it for yourself and your health. Losing weight to please another will not work. Also, you may have deeper issues as to why you are carrying around those extra pounds. Maybe you “subconsciously” view those added pounds as protection from the outside world. Perhaps you had a horrible childhood, a marriage that ended in divorce, or some other traumatic experience. Work on the inside which will reflect the way you look and feel on the outside. This way the weight will stay off for good. So many people “yo-yo” because they did not take the time to work on their inner self. I was one of those people but I’m not anymore!

As for smoking, my new fitness regimen does not allow me to smoke. I made a “new years resolution on January 1, 2007 to quit smoking. Eighteen months later, I’m smoke free! To hike South Mountain Park in Arizona requires me to be in good shape. Those trails are not easy! And, I like the way I look and will do what I have to in order to maintain my weight!

Here’s to your health and shrinking waistline!
~ Rebecca