Revelations! The Key to Your Salvation is in the Desert!

How many people go through life asleep? They just live from day to day going through the motions of life. Many people “wake up” when a crisis occurs such as the death of a parent or sibling. Perhaps a marriage breaks up or you lose your job of 20 years. Maybe you were addicted to drugs or alcohol and realize that you could no longer live that life. Or did you accept that you cannot change your past and it’s time to put your “story” to rest? It’s unfortunate, but sometimes it takes some type of drama before a person realizes that life is passing them by in the fast lane.

Brian “Head” Welch, formerly of the band Korn found Jesus in the desert. In 2006 as he was writing an album in a Best Western in Phoenix, AZ, Brian heard a message from God to sell his real estate in California and move to Phoenix, AZ. To quote Brian, “God called Israel, Moses, and Jesus to times of preparation in the desert.” Visit the Phoenix New Times to read the article about Brian Welch.

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I can relate to Brian Welch. In September 2007, I moved from OH to AZ. It’s been one heck of a journey. Like so many in the world, I had a rough start in life. The details are unimportant. What is important is that it took me 15 years to “see the light.” I guess I had to go through the darkness to find the light. It is now June 2008, and I think I finally got it. Better late than never!

Part of me feels as if my time in the “desert” is coming to an end. The winds of change are in the air. This can be scary. It’s kind of ironic because change was something that did not bother me or I thought it did not bother me. Guess what? It’s not that easy, especially when it affects you! Will I stay in the desert? I’m not sure. On the other hand, I feel as if I have more to learn so that I may continue to grow as a person. This translates to more time in the desert or does it? My “ego” could be talking me out of moving forward with my life. It’s easier to stay in the desert which has become familiar to me versus the unknown. Perhaps meditation will clarify the path that I’m to follow.