Help Wanted! Are You Overqualified For That Job?

If you search the “main” career websites such as CareerBuilder,, or, you will find a plethora of job opportunities. If you are a person with a Masters Degree, do you think you are qualified to be a receptionist? Most people would say “yes” you are qualified. In fact, you are more than qualified to be a receptionist.

It is very discouraging when you are looking for work and you read a job posting that states “Experienced Veterinary Receptionist.” Translation, if you do not specifically have veterinary receptionist experience do not bother to apply. So, the people running the office feel that it takes a very special talent to pick up the phone and say “Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, Dr. Soandso’s office, how may I help you? Yes, Dr. Soandso has 9:00 am this Saturday available. Would you like to schedule an appointment?” You get the picture. Yes, you will have to know how to use a computer, provide great customer service, and have a love of animals. If you are applying for the job not only do you have a strong interest in the position, you most likely possess other qualifications that would benefit everyone in the office.

Employers wonder why employees are disgruntled. The government of the United States of America wonders why its people have a lack of faith in the establishment. Could it be the fact that our jobs are shipped overseas even though reports will say that “x-amount” of jobs were created. Congratulations to the people who were hired in those jobs.

It can be very aggravating and frustrating when you have yourself or a family to support. Employment search engines seem to “pop-up” each day. Yet, many people are having a difficult time of finding employment. Maybe there is something in the air. Will it change? Hopefully things will start to improve. Of course, one way to improve your situation is to keep the faith!