Warning! Flea and Tick Medicine Can Make Your Pet Sick!

I received an update from my mom on our lovable Yorkie-Poo Harriet. Harriet has not been feeling well lately. My mom used a product on her called Sentry Pro XFC, which is a flea and tick medicine for dogs. BIG MISTAKE! My mom sobbed as she held little Harriet in her arms and apologized to Harriet for what she had done to her. Harriet was given a bath (she is not a big fan of baths) and drank some “tuna water” (then later ate the tuna)! Good News! Harriet is on the road to recovery! Hooray!

Read This!: Flea and tick medicine such as Sentry Pro XFC and Frontline contain chemicals that are not good for pets! Visit problems with Sentry Pro XFC to read about what may happen to your pet if you use Sentry Pro XFC. For more tips visit petloverstips.com.

Alert!: Did you know that toxic chemical pesticides have been known to cause immediate health crises in some dogs and cats? Even worse, the chemicals (Deet) can circulate and accumulate in your pets body and do unseen damage to vital organs that may go undetected for years! Plus, the chemicals can do damage to you, your children, community, and MOTHER EARTH! You may think about this as you reach for that glass of water or till your soil!

Go Natural!

Fleas and ticks are a nuisance for everyone, but they are especially a nuisance to our pets. It is up to owners to protect their pets and keep them safe. Pesticide sprays and squeeze-ons are a “quick-fix.” Not to mention that they are full of TOXIC CHEMICALS! Is it worth it to spray toxic chemicals on your pet or around your family in order to get rid of the pests?

Pet Health Tip!: Remember, your pet requires proper nutrition, just like you! If you wish your pet to be free of “fleas and ticks” their immune system must be strong. Feed your pet a high quality diet that is rich in proteins and nutrients!

Good News! You can purchase natural “flea and tick” medicines, which are a safe and effective alternative to “old school” flea and tick medicines. Visit the following: globaldognaturalpetproducts.com, botanicaldog.com, halo pets, or Only Natural Pet Store for natural pet products. Your pet will love you even more!


  1. roberta gigis says:

    I read your article on this flea killer.Parents be careful around children and babies if this causes reactions this bad in a pet what will it do to humans? To get rid of fleas use the original Dawn Dish Liquid this will work,instead of the expensive and dangerous meds for our beloved pets. Also always wash your hands after applying meds to pets and also was your childrens hands too. Roberta

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