The Secret of The Garden of Eden Revealed!

On Sunday, May 18, 2008, CBS’s 60 Minutes aired a re-broadcast of the December 16, 2007 story called “A Visit to The Garden Eden.” This “pristine paradise in Indonesia” has been untouched by man. The rain forest did not need more exposure to the world. It has existed beautifully without the presence of man!

CBS correspondent Bob Simon and Bruce Beehler, the lead scientist from “Conservation International,” took a 20-hour flight to Indonesia, boarded a single engine plane, and loaded into a helicopter for a 45-minute ride. Reporters and scientists do not need to add pollution to the rain forest via an airplane and helicopter! How is this helping to conserve the rain forest? According to the article, this is probably why it took Bruce Beehler “24 years of begging before the Indonesian government would let him set foot there.”

Conservation and preservation of rain forests is a fabulous idea. However, this particular rain forest has been doing fine on its own. For example, Bob and Bruce discovered “no sign of human activity, no footprints, no trails, and no Coke cans. There are no sounds except for the sounds of birds.” The exception is if you’re a native and you live in the surrounding area of this Indonesian “paradise.”

Thank goodness for organizations such as Cafe Britt. The organization “contributes 5% of the sale price of all hardwood products to rain forest conservation.” Café Britt’s operation meets or exceeds international environmental standards under the norms of ISO 14001: 2004. Programs and projects are in place to make effective use of natural resources, prevent pollution and minimize negative environmental side effects.” If you are a coffee or chocolate lover, visit Cafe Britt to purchase your Premium gourmet coffee fresh from Costa Rica. Buy online today!

Bruce Beehler was correct when he said “this is a place apart. And I think it’s good that we go away. And we take our memories but allow this place to be as it is and be a special place for centuries to come.” Amen to that!

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