Need a Workout Makeover?

Lately, I’ve been doing yoga. I love my yoga ball! I used to do yoga but then stopped to pursue a more rigorous workout routine. Lifting weights, kick-boxing, running, power walking, hiking, and anything that is rather “intense” was my workout routine. I will admit that I still enjoy doing a “high intense” workout. But, I cut back on “how much” I do intense workouts!

Yoga has “transformed” my body, especially my arms! I cannot believe that I finally have “definition” in my arms. Do you know how many repetitions of weights I used to do? Amazing! Yoga is a good way to quiet the mind. It is also good for the mind, body, and spirit connection. When I’m doing yoga, I feel at peace. My mind is quiet, and I focus on my breath. I incorporate the use of a yoga ball (aka stability ball) to strengthen my core. The yoga ball is a challenge because you must “stabilize” yourself on it. You definitely must concentrate when you do crunches! Check out the “Strengthen Your Core” article on weight to learn more.

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Perhaps your workout could use a makeover. Why not give yoga a try? You never know what it will do for you. Not only will you tone your arms and lose inches, you will gain a connection with yourself!