It Was A Bright, Sunny Day For Rescuing A Kitten

What do you do if you rescue a kitten and decide to keep it? What if you never had a kitten or cat for a pet? Do you panic, “freak out,” call your mom, or all the above? The kitten is scared because it was out in the cold stormy night, and you are scared as well. A kitten is like having a newborn child. You maybe clueless as what to do. If your mom is nearby then all you have to do is pickup the phone and it will be “mom to the rescue.” Unfortunately, if your mom is out-of-state then you must rely on the internet, local animal shelter (they rescue animals all of the time), or veterinarian.

Having a kitten who will grow up to be a cat is a huge responsibility. Cats can live up to 20 years! Be prepared to spend about $400 a year! Before you make the decision to keep the kitten, ask yourself if you are ready. Will you be able to handle the financial responsibility? What about time? Kittens love play time and each type of kitten is different. Read all you can about kittens and cats if you decide to keep your little treasure!

The 10 Essentials for Rescuing a Kitten

Find a good veterinarian. A good veterinarian will be interested in you and your kitten. Look for someone who is compassionate and kind. After all, it’s not just about your kitten. It’s about you as well.

Purchase kitten food. Do you prefer organic, natural, or any brand? Canned or dry food? Shop at PetSmart for kitten products. For natural and organic products, visit Halo Purely For Pets and Only Natural Pet Store.

Food and water dish. Do not give a kitten milk! Look for a dish that will be easy for your kitten to use. You may want to start with saucers and then upgrade.

Litter. All litters are not the same! Fresh Step clumps when your kitten does it “business” but it has a strong scent. Also, it will stick to your kitten. Gross! Plus, it’s not biodegradable or flushable. If the environment and conservation are important to you then look for natural and organic litters. Try World’s Best Cat Litter or Feline Pine.

Litter Box. Buy a litter box that your kitten can get in and out of with ease. You could buy an adult box. Be prepared to buy a stool so your kitten can get in and out of the box.

Kitten magazine and or book. A magazine or book is essential if you no nothing about kittens and cats. It will benefit you and your kitten. Read, read, read!

Toys. Kittens love to play! Purchase toys with catnip in them. Balls, teething toys, and feather sticks are a great way to develop your kitten’s skills.

Grooming Supplies. Does your kitten have short or long hair? Combs, brushes, and gloves are essential. Purchase the right equipment for your kitten. Shampoo. Organic, natural, or store brand? If you care about the environment, conservation, and your kitten, purchase a natural or organic shampoo. Other shampoos have many chemicals in them.

Stain and Odor. Accidents do happen. Try an all natural stain and odor remover. Visit OdorZOut to learn more about “Dr. Stink” who has a PUhD in Stinkology.”

Lots of love and attention! Your new kitten appreciates you very much! And, it’s a two-way street. Before you know it, your kitten will be the greatest friend you could ever have. Love your kitten and he will love you back!


Ask questions!! If the kitten is your first then you probably have questions such as:

1) How old is the kitten?
2) Does the kitten have worms?
3) What kinds of shots does the kitten require?
4) How often is the kitten to be fed? Which is better canned or dry food?
5) Do you have to register your kitten?
6) Can the kitten have a toy that contains catnip?
7) When can you start to bathe your cat?


  1. Just read your, It was a bright sunny day, for rescuing a kitten. Enjoyed reading it and it even made me chuckle about the mom part. I thought it was very informative about what to do if you rescue or decided to get a kitten. I never had a kitten or cat just dog’s. So I wouldn’t know what to do with a kitten if I found one. Thanks for the information. I bet the little kitten is happy to have someone to love him and to give him a good home. It beats being outside in the elements. Enjoy your little kitten!!!!!!

  2. Loved your insight!! For once someone got everything correct!! Would you mind if I put a blogroll link back to your post? 🙂

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