Exposed! Dead Dog Beach, Puerto Rico

On Thursday, May 22, artist Steve McGarva was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show to speak about his rescue efforts to help dogs on what is known as “Dead Dog Beach” in Puerto Rico. As of March 2008, Steve has been the Vice President of Island Dog which is “changing the way animals are treated in the United States Caribbean Islands.” Island Dog works “beyond the rescue aspect and are moving forward with a spay/neuter program for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Steve was also featured in the April 28th issue of People Magazine. His story goes something like this. One day Steve planned to go kite surfing and found a remote beach in Yabacoa. As Steve was unloading his gear, he spotted a dog that he believed to be dead. Steve approached the dog. The dog raised it’s head and wagged its’ tail. Unfortunately, Steve found more dogs that suffered from neglect. It was that incident that inspired Steve to begin his mission to help the dogs. Steve fed the dogs, gave them medications, stitched wounds, and reset broken bones! Talk about being a “Florence Nightingale” and guardian for the dogs. Animal rescue groups (Save a Sato) assisted Steve with rescuing hundreds of dogs. Steve is an inspiration!

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Animal cruelty is horrible. If people neglect animals, just think about what they do to human beings. Of course, if you watch the nightly news then you already know what happens.

On a personal note, I rescued a kitten (maybe 5 weeks old) today. This was totally unexpected. My family has never had cats. We had dogs, rabbits, birds, and fish. The kitten I rescued (still nameless) is the first for my family. As the saying goes “there’s a first time for everything.” Also, remember what Bob Barker always said “have your pet spayed or neutered.”


  1. I am an animal lover.I am glad to read about someone coming to the rescue of the animals in Puerto Rico and the United States. We need more people like Steve McGarva who cares about rescuing abused and neglected animals. Good Luck with with your little kitten Rebecca.

  2. roberta gigis says:

    People have no respect for humans and animals we who love our pet get love back from our pets.I love my dog and he is always happy to see me even though I do have a husband and children. pets have a keen feeling if someone loves them or is a threat. Take care od your kitten and he will love you back. Remember too that pets can’t speak to you but if you pay attention you can figure out what they are trying to tell you .God Blessyou and your new kitten roberta

  3. Steve McGarva says:

    Hello. I’m the dog rescuer…Steve Mcgarva. Thanks for your support. I did want to let people know that I’m no longer working with Island Dog Inc. Katie block…Island Dog Inc President, made some single minded decissions that will have a negative effect on the dogs in need on the Island of Puerto Rico. She has announced that Island Dog Inc. is no longer a dog rescue organization. I knew nothing of this and could not sway her to do the right thing. I felt I needed to resign my position as VP. I will be starting my own non-profit to continue my work with dog rescue. Cheers for now. (Steve)Stephen McGarva