Don’t Read This If You Do Not Believe in Equal Rights!

On May 22 Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Of course, Ellen mentioned the story heard around the world which is “California’s-top-court-legalizes-gay marriage.”

Senator John McCain believes that marriage is an institution between a “man and a woman.” Senator McCain wished Ellen well and the best. Ellen joked that maybe “he could walk her down the aisle.” It’s the year 2008, and we the people of The United States of America are still “old school.”

What happened to equal rights for everyone? What happened to “The Preamble and the Constitution of The United States of America? Ellen, a woman is allowed to vote thanks to the Woman’s Suffrage. However, Ellen cannot marry whom she would like to and receive the same benefits from a “recognized” institution of marriage. This makes a lot of sense.

Ellen said to Senator McCain, “so what you are saying is, you can sit over here, but you cannot sit over there”? Meaning, we will allow you to vote and enjoy other rights, but you cannot marry a “person of the same sex.” Furthermore, Ellen can pay taxes to the government of The United States of America, but she is on a “totally different plan” because she happens to be gay. Certain rights for certain people.

The Civil Rights Movement was an important part of The United States of America’s history. Was it all in vain? This is the 21st century, and we still have issues with accepting others who are different from us. If we were all the same, planet Earth would be a bore. What would be the point of being here?

Anyone who is against the marriage of “gays and lesbians” should thank God they did not live in “ancient” Rome. Do you know what went on in the Roman Bathhouses? One can only imagine; perhaps political intrigue and sabotage or something more scandalous!

Live and let live! Visit Barnes and Noble to learn more about Civil Rights, The Constitution of The United States of America, or Woman’s Rights. To learn more about the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, please visit their websites.

Equality for everyone,
~ Rebecca