Climb Aboard the Law of Attraction Train

A definition of faith is “a belief in an idea that is unsupported, or contradicted, by evidence.” Does having faith really work? Do affirmations, mantras, and meditations help manifest your desires? Does changing your thoughts really change your life? Is “The Secret” helping people transform their lives? How many people experience instant turn-around in their finances, relationships, or health by repeating affirmations daily? Do these “techniques” work or is it a bunch of “hooey?” Many people are skeptical that you can change your life by “reprogramming” your thoughts. Perhaps the “skeptics” are right.

Hay House Radio has many eclectic programs. They range from Dr. Wayne Dyer to Debbie Ford to Doreen Virtue. Listeners tune into the shows each week to hear the “pearls of wisdom” spoken by these radio hosts. Phone lines are jammed packed with people wanting to know when and if their life will get better. Do they get better?

Taking a step to change your life for the better is a step in the right direction. But, how long does it take before you see the “fruits” of your labor manifest? Everyone has heard “have an attitude of gratitude.” Some ask the question “when will you take control of your dreams and aspirations?” If it is as simple as being grateful, taking control, or changing your thoughts, isn’t immediate manifestation of your desires and dreams guaranteed? What is the missing link or “the secret?” If anyone knows, please be kind and share your thoughts.

Not sure,