Breaking News! Harbor Baby Seal Trapped Then Set Free!

Apparently you can be arrested for helping an animal in distress. Who knew! According to San Diego News at least two people helped to free a baby harbor seal on the night of May 6, 2008. The baby seal had a net wrapped around its neck. Poor thing! Wildlife rescuers worried that the baby seal would die if the net was not removed.

Good news! SeaWorld has permission to save marine creatures. Bad news! They could not get onto the beach without disturbing the other seals. Boo! This is why SeaWorld was unable to help the baby seal.

The seal was born at the small beach known as the “children’s pool” in La Jolla, CA, which was one reason people were reluctant to try to help. The children’s pool in La Jolla is quite controversial. Some people would like to destroy the harbor sea colony while others prefer to preserve it. The original creation was to protect a fully protected swimming area. However, sand has filled in most of the area inside the wall and a colony of harbor seals now lives there.

Protected!: The La Jolla beach was recognized in February 1999 as a natural harbor seal haulout and rookery by the National Marine Fisheries Service. Here’s the twist. Marine mammals are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. Their habitat, however, is not. That makes sense!

What would you do? I would probably help to free the seal, which would “tick off” the EPA because their guidelines will not allow it. Rescuers cannot save an animal in distress because it may disturb the other wild animals around it. Check out this article on Fox 6 News.

To learn more about La Jolla, CA, harbor seals, or other marine life, visit Barnes and Noble. If you plan to go for a run on the beach, grab your Skechers and watch out for the wild life!


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