15 Secrets of Traveling Revealed

Do you have a favorite travel destination? When August, the “hottest” month appears, are you ready to book a flight to Edinburgh, Scotland for the International Fringe Festival? Whether you are a new or experienced traveler, here are some tips for you. Don’t leave home without them!

Travel Tips

  1. Do not be a tourist!
  2. Consider booking your flight online.
  3. Read hotel reviews!
  4. Stay at a bed and breakfast or hostel. Read reviews!
  5. Pack what you need not your entire closet!
  6. Bring a good pair of walking shoes.
  7. Make copies of your credit card, passport, and drivers license and carry them in a separate place. Leave a copy with someone back home.
  8. Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with someone at home.
  9. Travel during off-peak seasons.
  10. Check in early at the airport.
  11. When traveling to a foreign country bring some local currency with you.
  12. Bring a phone card in case of emergency. If you have a cell or mobile phone with international coverage that’s even better!
  13. Bring a voltage adapter when traveling to a foreign country.
  14. Travel with an open mind.
  15. Bring a guidebook, language translator, or foreign language book.
  16. Smile! Bonus!

Links to your next adventure

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  2. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This international festival is truly one of a kind! The popular Military Tattoo Festival usually sells out within the year. Get your tickets now!
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  4. Sunset Travel. Online travel agency that specializes in the “all-inclusive” vacation.
  5. Hostel World. Proud sponsors of UNICEF! Hostel World’s experienced staff is from all over the world. Book your hostel, budget accommodation center, or package tour today!
  6. Priceline.com – no one deals like we do!. Option #1 for booking your vacation!
  7. Travelocity, option #2. Top 10 Vacation Destinations! Go ahead and “Rome” with the Gnome!

    Top Travel Deals at Expedia.com. Option #3 for booking your vacation.

  8. Barnes and Noble. Find Lonely Planet guidebooks and much more!
  9. Buy.com. The place to purchase electronics such as a pocket translator, IPod, MP3, digital camera, or whatever “electronic gadget” for your next vacation.

Pack It!: Luggage at eBags.com in case you need a new set.

Jet settin’,
~ Rebecca