The Art of Leadership

I graduated with a Masters of Science, Management degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. Let me tell you, I am getting my money’s worth! We often discussed in our classes whether or not leadership can be taught or if it is something you just have within you. Lately, I have been asking myself this question. Here’s why…

I am an events volunteer, and I signed up with MovieWork Now Casting, Inc. as a “talent” to earn some extra cash. Sweet! So far, I have had two auditions and worked one event. And there it is! I worked an event that was eventful. Ha! Ha! At least I made some extra money this weekend!

Seriously, I cannot tell you how many resumes I sent out for Event Coordinator and Marketing Coordinator positions, and I was declined. Are you kidding me? Declined? Let me tell you, I am “baffled” by some of these “so-called” event coordinators, marketing coordinators, special events coordinator, or whatever title some of these people are given. I can tell you that “LEADERSHIP” was not a requirement for the job. Actually, communications (non-verbal and verbal), details-oriented, organization, and management skills were not required as well. Maybe leadership is “natural” versus being taught. I would think that these people who run events have degrees. Right? I am sure they had marketing, organization, communications, and all of those “BUSINESS” classes.

I would think that a person who was an event coordinator would know what the event was about, who was doing what, how to communicate with people, and be able to instruct personnel and volunteers (if any). NOT! I cannot tell you how many times people ask me questions that are supposed to be directed to the event coordinator. I must have a sign on my forehead that reads “NATURAL BORN LEADER!” If there is, I do agree with it. I do come from a family where my sister and I were taught to “think and do things for ourselves.” As my father would say “did you think?” Also, my father served in the military so he was very big on details and organization! Yes, this was part my life experience, and I realize that. However, if you are in charge of running an event and will be interacting with people, wouldn’t it be a good idea to know how to run the event and “lead” people? I’m just curious.

Here’s a tip: Go to Barnes and Noble’s Home Page Text Link and purchase the latest in events, leadership, marketing, and management books. You will be glad you did. I recommend reading Stephen R. Covey. If you don’t, you will have other people like me blogging about the “lack” of leadership at your event! Just something to think about before your next event. Good Luck!