A Funeral, Eulogy, and Your Resume?

So I was listening to Hay House Radio this morning and a “Hay House” moment with Coach on Call Cheryl Richardson (life coach) started to play. Cheryl briefly told of someone who said that “your resume will not be read at your funeral.” And that your boss “will not show up saying what a good worker you were and how dedicated your were to the company. I can add to that with these: “how you never took your vacation or always came in even when you were sick.”

Isn’t this the truth. Ok, some people may have co-workers that will show up at your funeral and perhaps one or two of you will have the boss that shows up. But, will the CEO or CFO of the company be at your funeral?

What’s my point? My point is not to be consumed by your work. Enjoy your life! Take your vacation days, stay home if you are sick (really sick), and most importantly remember that your job does not define you as a person. You define yourself!


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