Happy Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day! I try to do my best to help out Mother Earth. I do love nature! Today, I went to the park and fed the ducks. A “mama duck” had seven ducklings! They are so cute and getting big. I love going to the park because I am surrounded by nature. Ahh! Nature is very calming to me.

Anyway, I plan to get back to recycling my plastics, cans, glass, etc…The apartment complex that I live in does not have recycling on site. I will be honest with you, it drives me crazy! Plus, Arizona recycling laws are different from Ohio recycling laws. I will go on my city’s website and look at the “rules” and where the closest recycling center is. Mesa, which is five minutes down the road from me, has a recycling area but they only accept specific items. My goal is to purchase a condo or townhouse. This way I will be able to recycle with ease. I will set my intentions on this and sit back and watch it happen. Ok, it will require me to take “action” to make this happen, but it will be inspired action!

If you would like to create a compost or require more information on recycling, check out Barnes and Noble’s Home Page Text Link for the latest on recycling, composting, or gardening.

One more thing. If you are trying to eat in a more healthy way, consider Natural or Organic products. However, you still must read labels! Just because it says Natural or Organic does not mean that it is totally free of “toxins” or contains ingredients that were harvested in an eco-friendly manner. For example, I bought a brand of organic peanut butter and was devastated to find out that it contained “palm oil.” I almost dropped the jar and “choked” on the peanut butter! So much for reading the label. Palm oil comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. If you love orangutans, make your own peanut butter or decide to give it up. The choice is yours! The orangutans environment in Malaysia and Indonesia is being decimated due to the harvest and planting of palm oil plantations, poaching, and fires. You have been warned!


  1. Reply for 4-22-08. Happy Earth Day. I live in Ohio and we recycle where I live. I had bought a earth friendly shopping bag from our Giant Eagle store to use instead of a plastic bag to put my groceries in when I go grocery shopping. I also went out and replaced all the light bulbs in my house with the new energy efficient ones. You have to get use to them because they take a few seconds to warm up. Plus you have to be very careful with them I found out because they have a trace of mercury in them. You can not clean them up like you would an ordinary light bulb. I am trying my best to help save Mother Earth. Have a Good Day.

  2. roberta gigis says:

    Here is my response to Earth Day. This was created in the early 1970’s however my our father had us doing this when we were small children ,Dad was raised during World War II
    and we as children had three garbage cans 2 for nonrecyleable and one for glass,aluminum, plastic so this is a great idea thats been around forever but people stopped this practiced until it became mandated to start again in some states.Still there are aother things that are polutants that we still cannot control. roberta gigis ohio