Happy and Healthy Snack Attack

Eat Well & Be Happy with Genisoy. What a great statement! I just discovered Genisoy at Fry’s. I love Genisoy’s Soy Crisps! I tried the Ranch flavor (bought at Fry’s) and Rich Cheddar Cheese (at Fry’s and online). They are absolutely fabulous. The crisps are light and do taste great!

I have yet to try other products by Genisoy. I would like to try the Trail Mix, Crispy Dippers, Soy Nuts, Soy Tortilla Chips Nacho, and maybe a Genisoy Protein Bar. I’ll think about the Protein Bar. Most Protein Bars taste awful, that’s just my opinion. I think I had one that tasted good, but I cannot remember the name. Oops! Anyway, when I try another product by Genisoy, I will give you an “update.”

Snacking gets a “bad” rap! Not all snacks are bad for you. And, it is everything in moderation. Try not to deprive yourself a snack if you want it. Your options are to eat the entire snack or take a taste and put the rest back in the refrigerator, freezer, or cupboard. Of course, there are options like Genisoy!