Thoughts on You Can Heal Your Life

So, I was very fortunate to watch Louise Hay’s movie You Can Heal Your Life. Our community bookstore, Changing Hands Bookstore, showed the movie for FREE! Way to go CHB! This bookstore is AWESOME! It is not your typical “corporate type” bookstore. It is very eclectic and diverse. The people who work at the store are cool! I get the impression that most of them are “artistic” in some way; very nice! Anyway, I decided to write-up a little review of the movie, comment on the views of the movie, and give my thoughts about the subject. Ready…

First, I sat next to a “gum-chewing, gum-smacking” flip flop wearing woman. OMG! Is that what I look like when I “smack” my gum and blow bubbles? Lesson learned. At least I’m not into flip flops. At one point I thought this woman’s flip flops were going to fly through the air. I did find out some information from the woman; she was speaking with the lady next to her. Apparently, the “flip flopped” woman worked as an assistant for a couple of the people who were featured in the movie. Really? I thought that was interesting since this woman basically “slammed” a couple of people who work for Louise Hay’s HayHouse. I will not tell you this woman’s thoughts on Sylvia Browne. Let’s just say that they were not flattering. I found this all very interesting since the basis of the movie is you get what you think. Basically, whatever “signal” you send out, the universe will yield it to you. This is true. Like I said, I saw what I looked like when I “smack” my gum.

The movie was very inspirational. As a person who decided to change her life, I thank God I found HayHouse. It all started when my friend Renay told me about The Secret. Since March 2007, I have been on a quest to change my life for the better. I had revelations such as seeing my parents as more than parents. I forgot that they to were once children. You would have thought I would have got that part since I always saw pictures of my parents when they were little. It did not sink into my brain until the end of 2007 when I moved to AZ and had many “breakthroughs” and “epiphanies.” Better late than never. Whatever they were taught or saw was passed onto me and my sister. Who knew? I did not even think about that part. My parents did the best that they could based on what they thought was right and from their childhood experience. I know this now. Next…

Louise speaks candidly about her life from childhood through adulthood. It was something to hear. She reiterates that your parents were once little and just think about how they grew up. It is no wonder kids today are the way they are in our society. Just take a look at the parents! Most of these people have issues from their childhood, and I’m sure their parents have issues and so on and so on; it’s a vicious cycle. Here’s a tip for anyone thinking about starting a family: please work on yourself before you reproduce. If you have any issues “major” or not, I think it will do you and our planet a service to “clean” them up. Thank you!

The movie talks about “thoughts” and love for yourself. Saying affirmations, looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “I Love You,” and minding your thoughts is key. Affirmations can help “create” a new way of thinking. The subconscious and conscious mind are powerful tools. Use them wisely. It’s like a computer. Sometimes you have to erase those files do not work for you, but you most go “behind the scenes” to really delete them. It will take some work, but will be worth it in the end. Good luck!

Most people (included myself) do not love themselves. If I could have gotten away from myself, I would have. But, now I LOVE ME! It is about me and not about other people. Another lesson: quit looking outside of yourself for happiness. Make yourself happy and you draw more of that to you. No person, car, award, or material item will fill you up. It starts with your “inner you” which will create what you desire on the outside. It is about getting back what you put out into the world. If you are miserable, then that is what you will receive. Believe me, I know. Do we really want that for ourselves?

Another aspect is “putting love” on situations. For example, the bookstore was having technical difficulties with the media equipment. One woman said “all of us could focus our attention on the equipment working.” I did just that. The next thing you know, the equipment was working properly. We watched the movie from beginning to end. Now, there were some people who were getting “uptight” about it, but that is for another time. I digress.

Forgiveness is a key part of healing and changing your life. Louise and some of the other people speak about what forgiveness is. It does not condone wrong doing; it simply releases you and that person or persons from the situation. I also learned this from listening to Joel Osteen. This is totally different from what I grew up. Of course, I also went to Catholic school, but that’s for another time. I had a lot of people to forgive, which included myself. Once I understood what forgiveness really was, it was very easy for me to forgive others and myself. Cool stuff!

All in all, the movie is very inspirational. I recommend that you check it out. Give it a try. Also, you may want to visit HayHouse’s website at HayHouse Radio. What do you have to lose?

Living and learning,
~ Rebecca