Speed Dating and Me

On February 18, I went to a speed dating event at my apartment complex. I know this blog is a little late. Sorry! Anyway, the event was FREE! That was very nice and unexpected. Most speed dating events can cost anywhere from $25-$50!

The “basics” of speed dating. First, you start with a name tag and number. Second, the woman take their seat at their numbered table and remain seated; the guys move. Third, you write the person’s name on the sheet of paper that is given to you. Fourth, you are given a set of questions to ask each other. Not everyone followed that rule. You kind of make it up as you go. You were not supposed to ask where the person lives, last name, or place of employment/location. Finally, you check off “yes, no, or friends.” If there is a match then you will be set-up on a date. Simple!

It was an interesting night. Would you believe that there were more guys vs. girls at the event? I was taken aback by this. Usually it is quite the opposite. I had a lovely time. I met and spoke with some guys who were very nice. They were “upbeat” and had great personalities. Yes, they were attractive! I know some people hear the word “personality” and they automatically assume something negative. That’s old school thinking if you ask me. I did not make a “love connection.” Although to be fair, I think I was focused on making friends.

Did I mention that I attended the event by myself? Kudos to me. My friend was supposed to go with me but she changed her mind. Oh! Well. I still went. Hey, in August 2007 I went to the UK by myself and stayed in hostel. I was confident that I could handle a night of speed dating without having a friend or two by my side. Yes, to share this experience with friends would have been great; it did not work out that way. Anyway, it was yet another step in the right direction for me. I am becoming more confident and independent. Of course, I always considered myself to be confident and independent; I guess I was mistaken. I always thought I had confidence and independence, but what I felt was based in FEAR! Ooops! My bad!

Anyway, I had a great time. It was nice to get out there and meet people. Would I go to another speed dating event? Yes, I would. It was a fun time in a relaxed environment!

Looking for my one and only,
~ Rebecca