A Dog is More Than Man’s Best Friend

OMG! I’m so happy to be back in OH to see my family and friends. Life is good! I really missed my family, especially my mom and the DOG! Back in Arizona, I live in an apartment. I could get a dog because I work from home. But, I will be picking up “extra income” which means I’ll be away from home for a couple of hours each day. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a condo or townhouse with a small yard or at least one with a lot of “greenery.” This way the dog could run and play. But then again, I do have many “dog parks” near me in Arizona. Hmmm…

Anyway, our family dog is a “very independent” Yorkie-Poo named Harriet. She is something. Harriet turns 10 years old in April. You wouldn’t know it by the way she acts. Hey, kind of like people who do not “act” their age. They may be 40 years old but act like their 5 years old by throwing a “temper” tantrum. Just kidding! I digress. I really missed Harriet! When I walked in the door on Thursday, March 20, Harriet was there to greet me. I wondered if she would remember me; she did. She is a great dog. Harriet hears things we do not. She is a fabulous watch dog. I think I will Shop at PetSmart and buy her a “treat.”

Harriet also knows what she desires. For example, if she wants a treat she will not give up until she receives it. She asks for her treat by standing by the long cupboard where they are kept; she wags her tail and barks. Does Harriet receive her treat? Yes she does! This is a great lesson to learn. Never give up! Go after what you desire with fervor and you shall receive it. Ask and ye shall receive!


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