Taking the Training Wheels Off of Life

So, I have been on a “journey to the center of me” for the past year! At the end of March, it will be exactly one year since I decided to “straighten myself out” and stop playing the ever popular role of the “victim or martyr.” It was time to “put an end to my story” as Debbie Ford would say. I still consider myself a work in process, but I am far better off now than what I was in the past five or 10 year! Yikes!

Anyway, I decided to “take off the training wheels” of my life and get a move on with my life. I did not drive over 2,000 miles to AZ from OH for nothing! I made the move and it is time for me to “get out” and get on with my life. I have been taking baby steps to “reintroduce” myself to daily life and all of things that go with it. I had a lot of “stuff” to sort through. Some stuff went deeper than I expected and it all came to the surface. That was a nice surprise! More issues to deal with it and clean up.

But, I feel that it is time for me to just go for it. I know I have the knowledge and will continue on my journey through life. I voraciously read books and listen to shows that resonate with me. These resources have had a tremendous impact on my life. I also have a strong support system, and I am grateful for that.

Watch out world, here comes the new me!

Going for it,
~ Rebecca