Stop! Are You Ready For a Kitten? Better Think Twice!

Check out the response from Halo Animal Rescue in Phoenix, AZ:

“We are unable to take your pet in at this time. If you need a home for them immediately, you’ll need to take them to the AZ Humane Society or Maricopa County Animal Control but unfortunately they may be euthanized due to the overwhelming number of dogs and cats brought to the shelters daily. We highly recommend you consider consulting with a pet behaviorist such as if you are having any sort of behavioral issue to see if there is the possibility of finding a solution that makes you able to keep your pet. We can post your pet on our website with a few photos and a write up to help you find a home for him/her if you’d like but the pet would need to be spayed/neutered first. If you’d like information on free spays and neuters, please visit or call 602-265-SPAY. Once the pet is fixed, please email up to 3 photos in a JPG format and a paragraph about the personality, likes, dislikes and the ideal home for your pet including your contact information you’d like posted to if you’d like us to put your pet on our website. Please ensure you properly screen applicants and charge some sort of adoption fee. We would be grateful if you sent HALO Animal Rescue a donation for posting your pet (suggested donation is $10).”

Not only is the temperature rising in Arizona but so is the cat population! Why do people have pets without having them spade or neutered? Duh! Is not enough for that one. A pet is a responsibility just like a child. But then again most people cannot discipline or take care of their children!

If you are new to the state of Arizona, good luck trying to find a “no-kill” shelter. Apparently, they do exist but trying to locate one is like looking for a “needle in a haystack!” When you do stumble upon an animal shelter, the people who work there act as if you are bothering them. They must be understaffed and underpaid. In Arizona, there is much emphasis on “rounding up” all of the illegal immigrants that come into the state from the Mexican border. You can solve the border issue by temporarily closing the borders of the USA! This way the USA can take time to straighten herself out, but that’s an article for another time. How about focusing on the out-of-control pet population? Furthermore, make it mandatory that your pet is spade or neutered. If not, then you pay a fine! And, if you are a breeder, then you better have a permit. If that law does not exist, it would be a good idea to implement it.

The bottom line is a kitten is like having a newborn baby, who knew! If you adopt a young kitten or rescue one from somewhere, make sure you are up for the responsibility. Patience and time are two key factors when training the kitten. Love and attention are required as well! Avoid reading everything on the internet because no two kittens are the same.

You may consider hiring a pet behavioral specialist. If you live in Arizona, please visit Pet Behavior Solutions. Sometimes a little professional help is necessary. Believe me, I know. Sam Kabbel, the president and owner of Pet Behavior Solutions came to my home and “enlightened me about kittens and cats. The information I received has been a tremendous help. I never had a kitten as a pet. Plus, I received personalized instructions to help me train my kitten. He was a stray and had a rough start in life like so many others. So far so good. Thanks to Sam at Pet Behavior Solutions, Salem and I are doing much better!

If you are in the market for a pet, please do your research. It is not fair to the animal or you if it’s not a good match. All pets, like children, deserve a caring and loving home. Be sure that your “new addition” is the right one for you!

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